This was our first ever song that our band has performed, and it went bad we messed up terribly after the first chorus

buttt, i would like some criticism
This was our first gig of being in a band together for a month, and this is how we opened the night
Need to work on stage presence. The playing itself was pretty good (especially the solo) but you need to crank up the volume. Get the drummer to push it and you'll have the crowd eating out of your hands.
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The volume was low, could be the recording though. The crowd ain't going to feel it if you guys aren't. I thought it was decent though.
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Definitely work on your stage presence, move around more, look less like statues. Is there a reason why the guitarist near the middle kept on changing settings on his amp? He wasn't even playing half the time. Also your bass and other guitar player needs to play the song properly, with the bass parts as well (much cooler imo)

Other than that, it was good. You guys did mess up, but honestly I doubt many people noticed, and many probably forgot about it 10 seconds afterwards. The first time I ever played live at an outdoor event, the wind blew over one of the cymbals on the drum set, which messed up my drummer completely for some reason, and we literally fell apart. At least you guys quickly got back together

Good performance for the most part though, good luck for your next gig.

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