Okay, for my next pedal I want something to enhance my distortion sound. I see that a great many people use an OD pedal up front to boost the preamp tubes and tighten the sound. I haven't actually tried this with my setup so I don't know it it's exactly what I want.

Then again, I see that some people use Eq pedals, which, if I'm not mistaken can also boost the amp in a similar fashion. Ultimately, I will probably get both, but can only afford one for right now.

I'm not really after the typical '6505 metalcore sound' but more of a darker, nastier, but not muddy distortion, aka found on a lot of modern black metal albums. It seems like with an Eq pedal I could dial in all sorts of different tones until I get one that's perfect. It's not that I don't already like the tone I get; I just want to expand the capabilities of my rig.

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I'd tryout a tubescreamer, a bad monkey(if you're on a budget, it's great), or something a long those lines. If it gives you what you want, then buy it.

If you really want an eq pedal, but your unsure, you could always try out a cheaper eq pedal, to see what happens? (Dan Electro Fish&Chips would be sufficient to tryout if anything?)
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either or would work for your situation but i personally would go for a tubescreamer.
try it out see what happens and if you don't like it get an eq pedal.
an od will add a bit more gain and tighten up the low end but doesn't shape the sound much further than what you have dialed in on your amp. where as an eq gives you much more tone shaping beyond the amps eq. I personally use both, but If I could only have one, it would be the eq. I use an MXR 10 band eq.

i think it pretty much does both in a pedal . ok its boutique stuff so its 250 $ . i dont know your budget .. but heard it in store and seem like a wonderful tool to have in front of a tube amp . specially a high gain amp like your 6505 . you dont a lot more gain so a tubescreamer wont be that much of a help

theres probably a couple of boutique builder that make both in a single pedal .

here the empress on ebay .. theres demo


very great thing to have IMO . that para Eq seem to work well . allow a lot of tone shaping .

i dont have it personnaly , theres probably other options .. but from what i have heard of it .. as soon as i have my tube head .. its going in the pedal board .
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