I liked the sound that you had through those first 8 bars. Wonderful sounding, I could imagine that some lightly sung vocals would go beautifully over top of that. I couldn't go to the drum track because I got some French message whenever I tried to view that track, so I can't really do anything about that.

Anyways, Im a fan of the clean guitars sounding pretty intense with those drums backing them, but I think you should give some distortion to them to pump up the sound a bit. Sort of as a grand finale. What I had in mind was to bring back that opening chord progression on one guitar, have a catchy octave melody on another, both in distortion, and then have a clean lead overtop. And some drums and bass behind it as well. Im gonna go ahead and write in my ideas if you dont mind, feel free to take them.

So yeah, hopefully, you'll still check this thread and decide to continue, I really liked what you had so far, good style. If you could, could you check out my thread here as a C4C?
emo_punk EDIT.gp5
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hey thank you deffently save what you wrote for me i get what you mean by a grand final kind of feel haha sounds cool so thank you! and yes i will C4C in a second

anyone else want to help add anything?!