I Need Advice on How Much I Should Sell a bunch of Stuff


I want to sell old stuff I have and I want some price advice, Its a line 6 Spider cab 320-watts 4x12, a marshall head valvestate bi chorus 200, a metal zone 2 pedal and a boss distortion-1, sound crap lol but I got someone who want to buy all of that and I have to make him a price ! thanks
About $130 for the Cab, maybe $200 for the head, $40 for the mt-2 and $20 for the ds-1. Don't really know much on the head so $200 is just a ballpark for a valvestate.
Search for similar items on ebay - in the advanced search options you can choose to see only completed listings. By seeing how much they've been selling for, you'll know how much you can expect to get for them all.
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