Hi everyone, only written a handful of songs, but I was sitting in my old room a few days back when I went to see my family for a few days. This sorta came about due to running out of cigarettes and having no battery left on my iPod haha.. Hope you like it, hit me up with some comments about how pathetic my writing skills are if you want!

I knew a man who left for
What he thought was a better life
Leaving behind, all he'd sculpted
Leaving his kid and wife

Maybe now he's better off
But what he's left lives on
What were distant memories
Are growing, growing strong

Well I don't mind,
No, I don't care
'Cause him forgotten
Is going somewhere

I bet he sleeps real easy
Growing simpler every moon
I don't hold naught against him to
Spit out what he chewed

Well I don't mind,
No, I don't care
'Cause him forgotten
Will go somewhere

Starting today
Will go somewhere today,
Today, Today
It starts right now, today.

Take it easy folks, have a nice day.
interesting peice with the 1st stanza, the father left his family to construct a new life. all the years he sculpted and pretty much abanonded it. I dont understand why he abandoned the family though?
Hmm, it sounds very storytelling, but it misses an end. It descripes a man leaving his family, but what does he do afterewards? Maybe make it longer and more of a story.