Norwegian band started about 2 years ago. We've had a break for the last 6 months(not due to drama/conflicts btw), but we're now playing again with fresh new material. We've done a few gigs, and started with about 30 covers and 2-3 of our own songs. We've now written about 15 songs, about half of them recorded.

Videos from our most recent gig

We aim for a melodic music style, nothing revolutionary. We would really appreciate feedback on our music, and maybe if you're good with genres, tell us what genre we belong in as we don't really know

Anyways, here's the links for the songs we've recorded and some concert footage:

Demos(sorry about the quality)
If you don't understand norwegian, the songs are listed in the right-hand side under "Låter"

Our youtube channel with a couple of our newest songs from a recent gig

Thank you for your constructive criticism
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