hi im new to matching up ohm/speakers. i usually just mic my amp but im starting to get away form that... i am currently running through a marshall jcm2000 tsl602 60w combo.. can I use the marshall mc212 cab as an extension cabinet? any suggestions would help. thank you
If I remember correctly, you can only use either the built in speaker OR an external speaker cabinet on that amp. The internal speaker should be connected to a speaker output, so it's easy to disconnect (but NEVER turn on the amp without a proper speaker connection). Yes you can use that cabinet, BUT you will probably regret it some time. They don't sound great.
I have a spare line 6 cabinet 4x12 with 4 or 8 ohms .... can i disconnect the 2 internal speakers and connect to the external cabinet??? .. i know the sound quality is probably gunna not be as good but its a chance i have to take with limited funds.
you are going to have to give us more information.

i'm not going to go look up these cabs and this amp head.

if one of the cabs has more than one jack then in theory you can do this.

both cabs have to be rated the same

if one cab is 8 ohms and the other cab is 8 ohms (must match) then you can daisy chain them together and have a 4 ohm load total. set amp to 4 ohms

wait - do you want to connect two external cabs or not? yes you would disconnect the internal speakers of the combo.
im sorry for that post.. okay the amp is a combo and has two impedence levels its either 8 or 16ohms switchable in the back of the amp .. i know the amp has two 8 ohm speakers... the cabinet has a 4 or 8 ohm capabilities ... i would ultimately like to use the combo with its internal speakers and the 4x12 cabinet .... but if i cant do that i would consider unplugging the internal speakers and just using the combo power amp and 4x12 cabinet.... i just have no idea if the ohms would match up from the combo to the cabinet
also I just have one cabinet (line 6 spider 3 cabinet 150watt) and one combo jcm2000 tsl602 60 watt
Let's address this problem first: Why use an extention cab instead of the 2x12 combo itself?
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i dont have enough equipment to mic my amp and the shows im playing im getting drowned out by the other guitarist and drummer
Quote by rmontananyc
i dont have enough equipment to mic my amp and the shows im playing im getting drowned out by the other guitarist and drummer

if your combo is sitting on the floor then raise it closer to ear level or angle it towards your head. this should make it sound quite a bit louder.
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