so, my dad's got a new epiphone dot and there is a pretty bad buzz on the open strings, there is not a problem with fretted notes past the third fret. The buzz is quite loud and seems to come from the bridge. it gets slightly better if you put your hand on the machineheads. What could be the causs of the this and are there any solutions?
if it's due to fret buzz, a truss rod adjustment can help, but only if you know what you're doing; otherwise, you might make it worse or damage the truss rod/neck altogether...
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You'll want to adjust the truss rod. Sounds like a truss rod problem for sure. If I were you (considering you do not know how to adjust the truss rod since it can be very risky if you're unexperienced with that type of adjustment) I would take it to your local guitar shop for a complete set up. That will shape things up for sure
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humbucker in the bridge position running through....
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Trust me on this one. Get it set up at a shop. Saves you tons of headaches.

I recently had to fix this buzzing on my Jackson RR and I tried adjusting the truss rod, action, etc. and it didn't work. The guys at my local shop took care of it easily.
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