I've had this Peavey 4x12 for over a year now and I'm looking to get rid of it because it is just too big. The cab is a Peavey 5E-90673 4x12. No idea on the date of it, and it has some wear and tear on it. From what I remember, the speakers should be 60 watts and the cab definitely runs on 4 Ohms. I tried googling the serial number but was unable to find any information on it. The cab actually has a bass port in between the upper and lower speakers, and has tremendous bottom end. I've attached some picture to help, and if anyone has any clue on how much to sell it for I'd appreciate the info!

- Had to upload to imgur, UG's forum upload app doesn't seem to cooperate with my machine.

EDIT - I found some information by searching Peavey 412F, but still no idea on pricing.

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looks like a old bass 4-12 cab
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Yeah I know, but from all of the sources I can gather it is indeed a guitar cabinet.
It's old and worthless...

The only rational solution would be to ship it to me
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