Two tracks:
"A Dead Man's Disruption" (2:50):
Arabic Metal/Experimental

"I Am Not A Murderer, Nor A Rapist; I Just Wanna Bake Cupcakes" (0:51):
Acoustic Pop

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I worked really hard on "ADMD", trying to get it to sounds as best I could.
I was actually inspired to create the track while playing the Prince Of Persia game series.
I love Middle-Eastern music. Two instruments were used: guitar and a keyboard.

"IANAMNARIJWBC" isn't really serious.
I thought it was kind of catchy at first, so I decided to record a quick version of it.

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Critique for critique as usual.
Any and all, good and/or bad are welcome.
Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.
Thanks for taking the time to listen.
Hahaha, I actually really liked "I Am Not A Murderer, Nor A Rapist; I Just Wanna Bake Cupcakes"

I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the title, but, serious or not, it's nice, The abrupt ending "to have cupcakes" has some charm. Guitar was good, nothing fancy, but great for the song, and your breathy voice goes really well. And you somehow managed to stay composed singing it.

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It's a remake of a song by a mutual friend Emily (aka TechnicolorType), but with vocals. Thanks.
I listened "I Am Not A Murderer...." i really like the guitar melody with the vocal melody they blend really well together. Are you thinking of lengthening it? it's only 51seconds, but it is nice, short and sweet.
A Dead Man's Disruption was great. I love eastern music, and that had a great feel. It was something easy to just sit back and listen to without really even realizing it.

Also "I am not a murderer... etc etc" was a pleasant surprise haha. Disregarding the silliness, it's a good tune. Bringing the silliness back, it's still a good tune. And the fact that it's 51 seconds is perfect. It could easily be a little bonus track or something on an album. Good job!
"A Dead Man's Disruption" at first reminded me of music from age of empires I, then it made me think of Pharaohs, ancient egypt and all that. It gets epic. And i can see how with development/a live band that could be a very powerful track.

Out of the two i dug "I am not a murderer..." the most. Real Pleasant, Real Mellow. I would say, give more clarity to the vocals. I know people that would buy this track as it is right now, if that means anything.

As with all things musical, timing is key. Work on that and you sir will be golden.

Good work, and good music. Peace

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on 'I Am Not A Murderer, Nor A Rapist; I Just Wanna Bake Cupcakes', that lead is offtime with the rhythm. compress the vox some more too, kinda hard to make'm out.
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Be carefull of the rythmic placing,you're often off tempo .You should record with a metronome to stay in time with the tempo .Nice voice by the way for the second link .For the first one : a heavy , dark and immersive atmosphere,with some good lead guitars ,but stay aware of the placing ,rythmically speaking ,it's really important and it's a thing you can work on and improve quickly once you know about it.
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IANAMNARIJWBC: Quirky. Nothing outstanding musically. Really just an amusing whim of a track.

A Dead Man's Disruption: It works as a mood piece. I thought the off-timing was a deliberate effect. If not, you'll need to practice playing in time. Best thing is the textures of the song, including the lead guitar. The repeated B/C/B riff would be better played on a different instrument. It sounded like a distorted synth of something but was unidentifiable.
As the others said, you've gotta work on your timing. Other than that, the rapist tune was pretty cool! You silly noodle..
And the middle eastern song makes me think of some dude, striving his way through the desert. And it is ALWAYS nice when an instrumental song makes images in your head.
So, apart from the timing, I'd say it's a job well done.

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