Ive found that I've been playing enough songs intended for seven string guitars to warrant me actually buying a seven stringer. I'm on a budget and Agiles have never disappointed me before so I was wondering which one would be best. I play alot of prog-rock, hard rock, and metal. I want one with a floyd rose.
I was considering buying a cheaper model and switching out the pups for some DiMarzio crunch labs and liquifires since I love how they sound. So should I do that? or do any of their more expensive models have pickups similar to the DiMarzios? I have about a $700 budget...possibly up to $900
Yeah thats what I realized after posting, but idk if EMG's would be the best pickups for me to use...cos I love the cleans on the DM's
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remember, every guitar with EMGs sounds pretty much the same
if ur gonna switch pups i recommend the PAF 7
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Get a used RG1527. Miles ahead of Agile as far as sound and playability goes.

And yes, I have played Agile guitars. Multiple ones.

I agree completely, albeit only used because ibanez's pricing is out of whack now.

Looks for a 7620, swap the pups out for a CL/LF and you have petrucci tone in no time.