So as some of you know who have seen my other posts i absouletly love Goldtops and P-90's. I searched and searched for a nice 60's tribute but they seemed almost impossible to find. I phoned every store within about a 2-2.5 hour drive. Only one store had one and it wasn't a Goldie. Reluctantly i turned to ebay and managed to find this. Imma review a little bit each pic.

Tuners work pretty good. The nut has had a little bit of trouble though and it gets the strings caught sometimes but really no biggy i think it'll eventually wear in. Strings need some breaking in too but that just normal.

P-90's sound absouletly delicous. I have always been a p-90 fan an love that midrange punch and gritty trebly distortion. Alot of people complained about the pickups being to hot or bright but i disagree. They are fairly hotter but not so hot that its ridiculous and the treble is just about right. Not harsh but not muddy.

It is a studio model so it will be chambered but i really dont mind this even though i thought i would. It might take away fair portion of the tone but not enough to make it crappy sounding. I personaly think it sounds pretty damn good. It is a two piece body unlike some of the other studios i have heard about.

This is my first NGD and i would say i frackin happy with this guitar. Gibson puts out alot of shit but thank god they atleast put these out for a while so that someone beside's collecters can buy a gibson. I think a hard case would have been nice but Gibson managed to do something right and in gold too.

also your welcome for not making 3-4 post's or cases and then finally showing a guitar.
I love P-90s, and SG's yeah SG's <3 but the 60's Tribute SG felt cheap compared to the SG Classic...God I want one so bad...
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Damn you, I wanted this guitar the minute I saw it

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Damn you, I wanted this guitar the minute I saw it



i bought mine of this dude. Go for it if you can man. Also I love SG's with p-90's to bro. I didn't get the chance to play either wich was a big risk but the LP just looked soooo good and i have played studios i liked before but not really that many SG's.
nice guitar

don't be surprised if the cops show up at your house though

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nice guitar

don't be surprised if the cops show up at your house though

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Congrats TS, don't gig out of the country now.

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Yesssss, you finally have a guitar worth over 200$
A freakin' nice one at that!

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