Teaser Trailer 1

Here is my bands teaser trailer for our previous release. What do you guys think? Do you like the style? We've released 3 songs so far. You can check them out on our YouTube.

Do you guys think teasers are affective?

UPDATE 1: NEW Teaser Trailer 2
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open with the music and then fade it into an explanation of what your band is trying to accomplish in an interview setting or something of that sort and then fade it back into the music or into a video of you playing live or something. just try to give people a quick and breif understanding of what your band is about.
@Bassolini thanks for the feedback. Will consider removing the pic and replacing it with a logo or something that's more fitting. I'm glad you like the tracks! We've been working really hard to get everything recorded. Lots more coming soon! We will definitely add you as a friend on youtube!

@funky_monk94 I really like that idea. We want to give people more insight about us and what we stand for, so that would be a good way to do it. Nothing speaks louder than actual live video. We will be making some more of these in the future. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!
pretty good - it looks great! Very stylish, and left me intrigued and wanting to hear a bit more. So on that basis it did its job pretty well. I would say that perhaps you could add a link to another video or your website to give people more of an idea of what they are in for.

Good stuff
Thanks! I like that idea as well. Maybe stringing a few videos together as a sort of "count" down to release dates. Our first EP is just around the corner (October). The plan is to release 3 EP's by the end of the year. They will all tie together to create one concept.

More teasers on the way!