The action on my guitar is very, very high. It's an Ibanez Gio type guitar, nothing fancy. But it should have lower action, the action now is WAY high. It's NOT normal. I can lower it, with the allen, but then I get fret buzz. I was wondering if adjusting the Truss Rod(think thats what it's called) would be able to fix this? The action is just too high it's very difficult to play. I've never touched the Truss on a guitar, so if that's something I could try is there anything I should know first? I don't mind just getting in there and trying trial and error with the truss, but if it's something that shouldn't be messed with if you aren't an expert than maybe I shouldn't. On the other hand if it's safe to do this I can play around with it.

I simply have to get this action down somehow or another. I should mention that the fret buzz occurs on the higher frets, 17 or so and up. It's ok at a lower action on the lower frets. I have a strat-style bridge with no Trem to speak of. Here is my guitar.
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is your neck straight? if not then yes the truss rod might fix the problem.

It's true you can mess up your guitar even more though, spend a while reading how to do it first.
hey, just take it to guitar center they do truss rod adjustments for free, and you can try it out and see if it feels right
Yep, it sounds like you need a truss rod adjustment.

Fret the low e at the first and 20th frets. How far is the string from the 7th fret? Ideally you want to be able to fit a medium-thick pick in the gap.
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hey, just take it to guitar center they do truss rod adjustments for free, and you can try it out and see if it feels right

Do you work at a Guitar Center? Some may be better than others, but I've had bad experiences with that. When I took my cheap guitar (Squier Affinity Strat) to a luthier after nothing friends or GC did made a difference, it turned out the neck needed a shim. Once he did that it played just as well as my MIA Strat.

After adding humbuckers, locking tuners, (and Fender MIA Deluxe electronics) that Squier is now prefereable over my MIA Strat unless I need that damned 22nd fret.
I strongly suggest you find a skilled luthier to do a full setup on it. Last year I bought a used Yamaha Pacifica for £80 and gave it to a luthier to sort out. £40 later he'd done a set up, a fret dress and a neck shim and it played pretty much as well as any Mexican Strat I've ever played and had a very low action.
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