Setting up an edge 3 tremolo, I'm trying to add a 4th spring. So i removed the middle spring to try and put it in the top position, I then put the 4th spring in the bottom position, but whenever I put in the 4th, one of the two will pop out. I figured that the spring holes for the 2&4 position are larger then the 1,3 and 5. There's was a metal bar that was screwed into where the 2&4th whole were but I took that off.

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So then maybe those holes weren't meant for springs?
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Those 2 other holes used to have screws in them, is this correct? 2 screws holding down a metal plate/bar? If so, then that plate was to hold in the springs when you are using just 3. It can be tricky to put the springs back in once they're out, but it is perfectly possible to get 4/5 springs in by putting them into those 2 screw-holes.

I haven't done this with an Edge III but it seems similar to the Edge Pro on my RG1527 (which has 4 springs and a Tremol-No)
When I went with skinny top heavy bottom strings in my Xiphos, I had to get shorter claw screws so I could tighten the claw enough to balance.

The funny thing is this had the small town "pros" befuddled. They were trying to find heavier springs, but what made it work was shorter screws. I'm lucky they didn't split the body trying to get the screws in deeper; they did strip the head out and I had to remove the screws with a vice grip.