How is this different than any other deathcore band?

Terrible vocals, I'm sorry. I really can't stand them. I kinda like the instrumentation, but it's nothing special. The major key is a nice refresher, but nothing to separate you from the pack. Nice little solo at 1:50, but it's still kind of sloppy. Especially the sweeps. The solo was actually a lot better before them. Your bassist is probably my favorite person in the band.

"It's almost over!" Thank God, because you really need a new vocalist.
"God forgive me, for I have sinned" you must be the 19,330th band to use that line. Awesome.
It sounds like you guys would be a lot better as not a deathcore band. The bassist and guitarist can pull some good shit out every once in a while, then it dissipates to generic shit.

Pros: your bassist, and guitarist when not sweeping : had some interesting bits, but not to carry the weight of the song

Cons: your vocalist, the 75% of the song that was rehashed deathcore.