Hey UG,

So lately I've been listening to some Phish and the lead guitar tone is amazing- almost a Santana vibe. Its warm, creamy, but tight, and sounds much more overdriven than distorted. How can I get this tone? I get too much of a distortion gain on my current settings. I feel a big part is that I don't get to crank up my amp and saturate the tubes. i this true?

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Part of it is that you aren't running the amp hot, a lot of fattness comes from that. You're also using an Alchemist which is a sterile amp compared to what is, I BELIEVE, a Deluxe Reverb. His tone is kind of the epitome of cranked fender deluxe tone.
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i highly doubt its only the non saturated tubes, but if it is that the only problem, you should try getting an attenuator since you cant crank up the amp
Hey tn, when are you getting your rp?
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I would probably try some EQ before the gain, can really shape the tone and character of the gain that way.