For sale is a San Dimas style guitar body. It was built by KNE Guitars. It is routed for a Floyd Rose tremolo and a humbucker. The paint is chipping in spots but it would be good for a project. Floyd Rose studs and stud inserts are installed. The control cavity cover and the tremolo spring cover are included.
I am also including a 500k potentiometer, a chrome dome knob, a jack and jack plate, and a GFS Vintage 59 humbucker with an alnico 8 magnet along with the original alnico 5 mag.

I am asking $135 shipped or best offer for everything.
What wood is it?
Oh, frack! But, I didn't say frack--I said "THE" word. The F-dash-dash-dash-dash word.
f you have access to a planer/jointer this next step is relatively simple – just run it through until you have a flat edge and glue it up. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a joiner planer and so I’ve had to develop my own approach to getting a flat edge on two pieces so that they will glue together as neatly as possible.

I use an electric planer to get the edge as smooth and square as possible. Now an electric planer is great if you need to trim a few millimetes off a door but they’re a bit crude for decent joinery, so I need to finish off with my plate glass sanding block, fitted with 80 grit paper. I “hatch” the timber’s edge with pencil and then just keep sanding until all of the pencil has gone. As a final test, I hatch again and this time the pencil should be gone with just a few swipes of my sanding block.