The fact that there are things I don't like about somebody's work doesn't mean that I have to back myself up with solid music. The people who are listening to your music are the ones that are going to be the sole factor in whether your music is good or not and half of them have no clue what the recording world involves unless we're talking about recording a football game on the VCR.

But to be a sport, here are some of mine. Let me know what you like, but especially, let me know what you don't like. Thanks!

"Grease Lighting" - I made the backing track, then felt there needed to be a guitar so I overdubbed a guitar. No real direction, it was off the top of my head. I didn't feel like making it out to be a full length song, so I threw some lighting in there to break it up

"Introduction" - This was track one on my album that I never released after I saw how much iTunes wants to rip me off. But it's pretty explainable.

"Sickness Boredom" - I didn't know what to call the song at the time. Where the mp3 ends is where my voice comes in, but I deleted it because I didn't feel like finishing the whole thing.

"Christmas Eve" - It should sound familiar to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" because it was me bored and imagined an acoustic cover would sound cool. once again, I got carried away and didn't get around to finishing the whole song hence why it ends abruptly.

I have a tendency to never finish my recordings...
I don't charge much...

If you don't click this , you'll die :/
I don't see why anyone could take criticism negatively. As long as there's something constructive in it, then people should use it to their advantage. I'll head on over to my laptop and give your stuff a listen.