What is the "CAGED" system? I've been seeing a lot of this on the forums, so I just wanna know what this is....

I think it's to do with all the possible Major Chord shapes.
- C Shape
- A Shape
- G Shape
- E Shape
- D Shape
These shapes can be used for all Major Chords up and down the neck.
Yes and no to the guy above. Start with the major chord shapes, then you can apply the others too. (Minor, diminished, doesn't matter, but some might be strange/impossible to play on all six strings. Just remember to keep in mind that you don't always have to play all six strings. As long as you know what notes are in the chord you want, you can use it to figure out new chord shapes you like) CAGED helps with learning the fretboard as a whole, helps you find new chord voicings easily, helps you think straight with a capo, find the intervals you need quickly, plus you'll learn chords in a very applicable way.

there's a whole bunch of things that naturally spring from this, so it's worth digging into. I actually didn't know about it until I'd been playing for about seven years, and it opened a lot of doors, and I couldn't believe I'd missed something so basic and useful.
The theory of moving chord shapes.
If you play a C major, Shuffle that same position up a step, you have D major.
I made this excersise and it can be pretty helpfull.
Think of a chord, let's take A major.
Find how you can play in all the C A G E D shapes.
So with A major.
Also what might help is that every chords lowest note is the root if you stick by the standard shape.
So C has the bottom note on the 12th fret A string.
A, this one is pretty easy, standard A shape.
I feel like my English is so ****ed up that you don't understand this.
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Personally, I don't like the CAGED system. I find it a bit too...

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