Here in Australia any half decent clean guitar amp will set you back a lot, more than I have to spend. But I have heard that you can spit some really great cleans out of bass amps. are there any good cheap bass amps that will be clean, but also take pedals well? I was looking at either the Orange Crush (not traditionally a clean amp brand, but they look awesome) or the Ampeg BA115. Any ideas?
If you're considering the Orange Crush bass amp, why don't you just buy the Orange Crush GUITAR amp instead? They're the same price. And one is made for guitar...the other isn't. For a reason.

To answer your other question, though, SOME bass amps sound good with a guitar through them. Not most of them, though. The Orange Crush bass amp probably won't sound too great with a guitar through it. The Marshall Superbass or Fender Bassman (which neither you nor I can afford) will, though.

Just buy a guitar amp. In that price range, there are actually some really good clean amps. The Vox VT series, Fender Mustang series, Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube, etc all sound good clean and are around the same price (or cheaper) than the Orange Crush Bass amp.
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^ what he said, unless the amp has a really powerful EQ, in which case it's probably not cheap.