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I didn't really want to say "flaw" because it sounds too harsh but "Things You Want To Change About Your Personality" is too long and boring.

So what's something you'd like to change? I'd like to be less shy and more confident and less trusting of people.

I just realized this thread is a possible downer, so what's something you like about your personality? I like how I'm nice to people, though sometimes I wish I wasn't.
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Well, I could stand being less of a dick, more ambitious and productive. Otherwise I'm pretty much perfect.
I often misword things which make me look a dick, though that is online: I don't tend to do it IRL.

I don't get out enough. I'm somewhat misanthropic and a little shy, and though I'm comfortable with who I am, life would be easier if I wasn't. I would also probably change my weird sense of humor a bit.
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More confidence definitely.
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More ambitious, less lazy, more productive. Less of a ****up.
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hmm... maby be a less arrogant c*ck (well i kinda like that)

I also wish it was easier for me to take advantage of people, who want to be taken advantage of (some girls i know who wanted to have sex with me but i didn't because i wasn't really attracted to them (on a personality level).)

I also wish i was more apathetic on peoples stupidity (topics like: science, religion, ecology, ...) because that stuff can really piss me off and its so pointless (solution: converge to complete misanthropic behavior)

For the rest I'm okay with myself, i always try to watch things objectively and people say i'm very ambitious (but that could also be because most of my friends are lazy f*uckers)
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I'm rather jealous and I can get pissed if I don't get my own way but I'm pretty good at keeping it in moderation. Also I over think things a lot which makes relationships an uphill battle.
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More ambitious, less lazy, more productive. Less of a ****up.

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I'd like to be *ahem*

More willing to take risks
Be more confident in myself
Stop being so cynical.
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I'm extroverted in the sense I like being around people and I'd usually rather be in the presence of company than by myself, but I'm also a bit shy around people I don't know as well, so I'm not great at meeting new people.
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I hate to say it, but I'm quite an "unmanly" person. Sometimes I wish I had the primal beast within, but lo, I do not.

edit: and I'm jealous as ****. takes effort to control it .
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I'm pretty comfortable with where I am right now. I suppose it would be better in some ways if I spent more time studying and doing school work than dicking off, but that's less of a personality flaw and more of a lack of priorities.
Stop trying to change myself for other people.

EDIT: and also be happy alone, but that's incredibly fucking hard.
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Less of a yes man and had a back bone to certain people. Some people I have no problem saying "no get the F*** outta here" and some that I quietly say "yeah put my guitar on the stand."
i would like to have JESUS POWERS.

no seriously i would like to have a little more social skills and more confidence.
but i'm always nice to people. still 90% of em thinks i'm weird
I'd like to be less lazy and certainly less blunt. I scream nothing but honesty.
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I wish I was a little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller...

Nah, for srs, it'd be nice to be more confident and assertive, especially when interacting with people face-to-face. In writing I'm fine, but in person my interaction skills leave something to be desired.

EDIT: On the other hand, my self-esteem has been improving for a while, and I am pretty proud of how motherfucking awesome I am. And totally humble, too.
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I'd basically like my pussy:asshole ratio to balance out. I'm too much of a pussy in some respects, and too much of a cocky asshole in others.

Yup. Pussy:asshole ratio balanced out.

In lieu of this...
This thread is now a pun thread.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
More motivation, I hate some decisions I've made and every time I just learn to cope or hold it off.

I'm just a really slack person.

I have huge short bursts of anger which cause me to inflict masses of damage to my self.

Like this severely broken hand ive got.
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Useless ****ing mood swings, inability to focus on anything, terrible sense of humor, tendency to give up on things easily, selfishness, no self control, get easily addicted/dependent on substances, low confidence in myself, not particularly outgoing and the list goes on and on.

I don't think there's a lot I like about myself. Well I like how I'm a bit more precocious than most people my age, but that's never really helped with anything
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Less Bipolarness in my personality. I could be happy and positive as shit one second, then super downer and negative the next.

More social, I tend to dislike people easily.

I get irritated easily.

So many more I can think of............
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I wish I was less cynical although im a quite happy/optimistic person, I tend to get annoyed really easily at stuff and hating it. Also i'm percieved as a bit of a weirdo for the things I do and say...

I like that i'm confident, tall, and have great friends
I like to be less empathic. That shit just hurts...
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
I wish I wouldn't over think things, or let fear rule my decisions as much as I do.

Couple of potential great relationships ruined because of those things
I wish I could say no, grow a backbone and do things for myself. It's great when "friends" use you.
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