I recently bought a Fender Strat HSS and a Fender Mustang IV. The mustang sounded great at the store, but once I jammed with my band, the amp cranked up, it sounds terrible - extremely muddy.

Idk if i need to just change the stock speakers or... look for another amp?

(The mustang sounds great clean, loud or soft, but any sort of crunch on volume past 5 is disgusting sounding.)

Otherwise, I was thinking of buying a marshall tube amp that can tolerate some overdrive and play fine loud, I mean very loud.

Any suggestions (doesn't just have to be marshall). Or would I just need to change the speakers?

Closest city?
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Closest city?

Good point.
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I'm afraid that's just the way solid state amps are. Once you start to really drive them the sound just falls apart whereas with a valve amp, the sound just gets better.

I'd look at the Blackstar Venue series of amps as they seem solidly built or maybe something from Laney. A Bugera may also be a good option or a Jet City. These are all decent enough valve amps and remember, because a valve amp sounds better when driven hard, you won't need as much power. My amp is only 50w and even at gigs it doesn't get much beyond 2. If you want the convenience of modelling and built in effects, look at the tube versions of the Peavey Vypyr or Line 6 Spider Valve (Mk II only).
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^^^ This. No need to go SS if your budget is 1000. If you need something to gig with get a 50w (or so) tube amp and get a small 5w bugera/vox/fender amp.

You mentioned the mustang, if youre going SS, try before you buy. Some mustangs (all the iii's) have a mild fizzing sound which fender is denying (not too annoying but its there. won't affect live playing though). Based on your budget you'd be looking at the stack, and there arent many v's with that problem.

Anyway, yah. What ^^^^^doadman^^^^^ said.

P.S.: My personal fav is the blackstar venue
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Don't listen to the blackstar suggestions. You can do better then that clipping diode pish for under 1000..
Sorry for the delay, but thank you everyone for all the responses.

So I got 2 suggestions for a black star but one saying that it's pish...Idk what to think .

Anywho I really like the crunchy output of Marshall stacks but I'm not sure which one I'd get...or do I look at Black Stars / Mesa Boogies / Bugeras...

there are so many options and I don't know which direction to take. My mustang iv covers any clean tones perfectly, even loud, so as long as I get an amp that I can get some good overdrive tones, or plug in a mkii fuzz pedal into, i'll be set.

Thanks again.
I'm confused. You had a $1000 dollar budget and came home with a mustang? And now you're gonna buy a mesa?! I'm really confused and possibly jealous now so I'm just gonna say AC30 to be safe. Goodluck though