Hey, I'm a singer-songwriter who also plays guitar and bass. For a long time now, I've always wanted my own band. A ton of people have said on my YouTube that they really like what they hear on my videos. I was really excited to gig, but to be honest, I thought having a band would be great. It was something I wanted to do...

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. Now, the genre I want was a indie rock, rock, alternative thing... unclear but you kinda get it... Somewhere along the lines of Audioslave, OneRepublic, Soundgarden, Oasis, etc.
Trying to find members who were committed and wanted to play this kind of genre was almost impossible (even more harder in the town I live where there isn't a lot of good people around). I'm only 15 at the moment, and it sucks as I have to wait till I'm 16 and hopefully at least find one guy/girl.

In my school, there aren't a lot of people and a majority are taken. I still think the bands from my school, finding them was a miracle. The rest (for all I know) will say no. So finding members for my school was out. All my circle of friends were also out too.

I did happen to find my friend who was a talented pianist, but unfortunately slightly lazy and due to a VERY tight schedule, having him around needed some luck.
There was another pianist who was free, but however less experienced... and I doubt his skills at the moment. I could have taken him, but it'd be years till he gets good.

The only hope I have is going solo (which is harder for a dude, I guess), wait til I'm 16 and set some adverts on newspapers, online, music stores, etc. and hopefully get somebody, or wait even LONGER (until I'm probably 20 or something) and try painfully again to find someone.

Sorry about the long post, and if you've got advice, please drop a reply, I'd REALLY appreciate it...
Try kijiji, or craigs list. I've never used craigslist, but every band I've ever been in I found on Kijiji.
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Just keep playing. Go to some open mics or something.You're bound to find somebody that wants to jam at the very least.
I have the same problem in the UK dude, nobody wants to play 8 string Metal anywhere.
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as far as the pianist you're not sure about, start jamming with him anyway and if you find someone better replace him. Start playing with other musicians as early as you can. Don't think your first band or band line-up is going to be some amazing supergroup where everyone is clicking and at the same skill and involvement level. You gotta work to get close to that, and it is very unlikely to be the people you find first.
yeah, just do whatever you can to get yourself out there. Jam with people, and ask to join lots of bands without fearing rejection. If a band doesent want you, but they interviewed you and listened to you, its not the end of the world, you didnt lose anything, it was worth a shot.

At 15, its quite unlikely that the band you are joining/making is going to be the same as when you are older, and gigging properly ect. So, be a little bit less specific about the genre, it the experience you want. If you end up in a band thats making different music to the style you want, you could stay and wait for other opportunities, and you would have just gained knowledge of other genres, that maybe you could incorperate into your next band, making something a bit more original. Also, playing in a band will help your playing, as playing with people is a bit different to playing on your own. Also, it will help you find contacts.
You've got lots of time, and more people will come into the picture with time too, so dont worry so much.

hope it works out for you