Hello there fellas, I'm on the search for a proper cabinet for my 5150 at the moment, and I currently have a Jet City 2x12 which will probably not cut it with the Eminence speakers for recording with a SM57, I'm searching for more of a swedish gothenburg type sound ala Studio Fredman/Fredrik Nordstrom.

A local retailer is selling a Kustom HV412B 4x12 equipped with Celestion P80's, I wonder how will these do for death metal recordings? I do know that most of the people on the genre use V30's, however even the ENGL 4x12 standards which I have an eye on, are seriously out of my price range here, around 1200$ over here in Turkey. This Kustom cab is for 500$ atm, stuff are severely overpriced over here so seems like I have no other chance.

Any advices, suggestions ?
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Check out avatar cabinets. theyll build you whatever you want for relatively cheaper than brand name cabs.
Yeah heard of Avatar a lot, though I think I'll be unable to order online, since It'll probably get stuck in customs due to size, shit like that happens a lot over here in TR.

The P80 is another name for the Celestion Seventy 80 btw.

Edit: Seems like most people shun the Seventy 80's, due to the lack of low end and their very aggressive upper mid spike, and low quality, saw a few of them on cheap solid state combo amps after a little bit of search.
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Avatar is a good choice if you can spend for it - absolutely top notch. If you are looking to spend less, one of the Peavey cabinets with Sheffields (Peavey speaker similar to V30) can be had used for a lot less money - they lose value faster than many but if you buy it around $200-300 it will maintain its value with good treatment. Search the used market for cabinets for sure to save money, if there is much of one in your location, as cabinets may get beat up a bit cosmetically but are much more difficult to damage in unseen ways. If it works well when you try it, it will keep working just fine until something bad happens.

With the supply scarcity where you live, if you are comfortable with the work, you could build one. There are several resources online regarding proper internal volume and shape, or you could copy a known design. The rest is just woodworking, which there are also plenty of resources on. Add in a bit of simple wiring work and you have yourself a cabinet - throw in some cheaper speakers (WGS Reaper 30s or similar if they will ship internationally would be a good choice to buy as a set of 4) and you will save yourself some decent money on a high quality cabinet.

As for the Kustom, I'm not a fan personally. The only Kustom I played on (a combo to be fair) was very harsh and percussive, ice-pick like. When played through an external cabinet, it sounded much better. Leads me to believe their speakers and cabinets are not great. The one I tested, however, had an Eminence speaker of some type in it (don't honestly remember which), so the Celestion cabinet may well be fine. Trying it wouldn't hurt if it's in a location that you can do so.
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I could probably get a custom cabinet done by an amp tech, though I have to find a trusty one first, there are a few that I know of from some Turkish guitar forums, but they don't live in my city. I'll try to contact them then. I'll check out Avatar cabs too.

Aside from that, the only Peavey cab I had found was a JSX cab, and he aint selling the cab seperate from the head, so no luck on that.

What about the Marshall 1960AV or 1960BV, they are loaded with V30's and seem to be really popular, will those do me any good ?
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