Greetings fellow UGers, looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying an Ashdown Fallen Angel head. Good condition, works well, going in for a service directly and then I'm hoping to move it on!

60 watt full valve, currently tubed with 2 Mullard EL34's and 4 Sovtek 12Ax7s, very meaty drive channel and a fairly driven clean. Comes with the 4 way special footswitch, giving you channel swap, a gain boost switch(for the lead channel), fx switch and master volume switch - which is awesome for a clean boost!

The only issue with the amp is the digi effects do not work, no idea why and never checked to get it repaired as I don't use any.

Looking for £200 ono plus postage from just outside Glasgow, though you're welcome to pick it up. Just looking to see if folks are interested while I put it in for the service.

Pictures can be found here - http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/0oMikeo0/Ashdown/

Not as much as a peek this week... surprised, noone gonna even make me an offer? Could be interested in trades for a 5 string bass or a tele/strat/lp...
SV is a keeper Im afraid mate, as soon as Ive had it repaired.

PS3 is a fat 80GB with a cfw installed, perfect nick with one sixaxis controller and wires, but no box.
Maybe interested.. Pm'd
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Prof, if its just the PS3 up for trade then no thanks mate, wouldn't trade it for a console on its own. If you muster some cash or fancy trading something else lemme know

Metal, PM replied.
Sorry yeah my intention was to put a bit of cash behind it, depends what you're asking.

I get ya Prof, I don't think I'd be after one of the older PS3's anyway... PM me if you've an offer mate!

Cheers ma man! Need it shifted, it's sitting gathering dust since I got my Laney and I'm running tight on funds so someone will get advantage!
Will take £180 for the head, special 4 way footswitch and 2x12 cab (only one speaker in and unwired but helluva solid and would be excellent with a couple good speakers in!)