Hey there! this is my first post, so i am new. anyway, i have a peavey tracer custom Maple neck, a rose wood fret board and a polpar body. i use a raven amp (RG60) And i run through it without any effects. i've thought about getting a boss power stack, but i thought that i should probably replace the humbucker before i think about distortion. I mostly shred, hard rock, classic rock, and blues. i really like the idea and sound of the P rail with the seymour duncan Triple shot, but i always really like the evo2 and evolution from dimarzio. but my question is, would the prail be able to do shred/powermetal/folkmetal? or should i go with one of the evos and just use the other 2 single coils for hard rock, rock, etc...?
crunch lab, its an incredibly bridge pick up, then maybe look at some stacked humbuckers, which fit into single-coil spacings, as all you really need are humbuckers for these genres
i thought about putting either the jb jr (Bridgemodel) or Yngwie MalmsteenFury (Bridge) In the middle. but i listened to evo and i really liked the clarity and i plan on playing live. thats why i wanted p rail because i play rock live, and shred on my free time. does the crunch lab have good clarity? i'm also looking for more sustain too
Not to be a naysayer, but before you worry about p'ups, you need a better amp...
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our drummer spilled coke in my bass pickups and i hate a warranty so fender sent me a check and instead of fixing bass i bought this amp. it seems to be pretty good for me, but i haven't played a whole lot out there. i'm kinda low on cash so i thought a pup and a distortion pedal would do it for now. its either that or i go back to the 10 watt crate lol.