What do you think of composers like Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore


Just wanted to hear what you think of Hans Zimmer who composed music to The Pacific and other movies, and Howard Shore who composed the music to Lord of The Rings? IMO they are amazing to listen to! Can it be called classical music, or does it fall under something else?
Well they're film score composers, so I guess that film music is techincally how you'd have to label them. However they do write in a more traditional classical style, generally using orchestras and the like. One of the reasons that I personally find Howard Shore's scores more interesting in particular to listen to is because he takes from a wide range of influences which makes the music more than standard classical chord progressions. There are huge folk influences in both of their writing (some of the LOTR soundtracks are celtic folk music more than strict classical music). It means that they write better than people like John Williams (Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc) because he's very predictable and samey I've played his stuff in orchestras and there are melodies which he uses in just about EVERYTHING he's ever wtitten. It get's very tedious.
I know they are film score composers, however I am in it for the orchestral music, and some of the films they have coposed music to is still unseen by me. I don't see how they are so predictable though. I just recently started to listen to them so maybe for a trained ear you notice things like that?

Anyway even if they write the same things they are still different IMO and they are amazing to listen to!

Best Regards: zeima940