Poll: Peavey Combo115 vs Hartke Kickback 120w
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View poll results: Peavey Combo115 vs Hartke Kickback 120w
Peavey Combo115
1 9%
Hartke Kickback 120w
10 91%
Voters: 11.
So I have found someone selling a Peavey Combo115. They only want $200 for it. What can yall tell me about this amp. Is it worth the money. Or should I just get Hartke Kickback instead.
I really like everything from Peavey.. But when i see a hartke i know its what i want.

Didnt used these models but both brands have solid equipment... but i will try for hartke

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Never tried the Peavey, but I do have a Hartke A70 combo kickback that I really like. You might want to try the Hartke first if it has an aluminum cone though, some guys don't like the tone (I certainly do though!)
I'm gonna vouch for the Peavey. I have not tried anything from Hartke that I've liked unfortunately.