Sorry it took so long, I've been really busy all week

Length: 10 songs, 45:09 minutes


1. Sufjan Stevens - "Futile Devices" (The Age of Adz)
2. Laura Stevenson and the Cans - "Master of Art" (Sit Resist)
3. James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream" (James Blake)
4. Thundercat - "Is It Love?" (Golden Age of Apocalypse)
5. Lone - "Interview at Honolulu" (Lemurian)
6. Bon Iver - "Calgary" (Bon Iver, Bon Iver)
7. Grouper - "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping" (Dragging a Dead Deer...)
8. Submotion Orchestra - "All Yours" (Finest Hour)
9. WU LYF - "We Bros" (Go Tell Fire to the Mountain)
10. Animal Collective - "Fireworks" (Strawberry Jam)

thanks for listening, please enjoy

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thanks for listening

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Yay Laura Stevenson! About to listen, can I get added to the list?
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Didn't realize there was a signup thread, sorry

Pretty good so far, on Lone right now.
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Good stuff, I'll listen tonight. I've been meaning to check out Submotion Orchestra for a while actually.

Should I go to the signup thread if I want to do one, or can I just get added to the list here?
so mine is supposed to go up today, but i'll wait until tuesday or wednesday so people have more time to check this one out.
listening. loving the Thundercat track. that callback to "Mmmhmm" is perfect.

also trying to upload my mix. 8tracks is being absolutely terrible and removing tracks that i've uploaded after i add them to my playlist.
i am. i was supposed to put mine up on sunday, but since dylan's didn't go up until saturday, i'm giving him a few days of mine. the next one should still go up this coming sunday.
way to ruin the joke

(sounds like a good plan)

oh and the grouper song was really cool too
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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always considered heavy water to be the perfect october track but good pick nonetheless.