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American Fender Telecaster
10 18%
Parker Maxx Fly
18 32%
Fender Jaguar HH
15 26%
BC Rich NJ Bich
38 67%
Gibson LP Studio
10 18%
Ibanez AS103
23 40%
Epiphone Goth SG
41 72%
PRS Torero
12 21%
Voters: 57.
So my wife has gotten tired of my basement being full of guitars amps and other musical stuff. I own 28 guitars and at least five amps and twelve or so pedals. Not to mention a ton of cords. Hundreds of picks. After playing guitar for 26 years I have accumulated a bunch of stuff. I told her I would sell three guitars. So I am asking you to choose out of the eight I have selected. Please help.

American Fender Telecaster
Parker Maxx Fly
Fender Jaguar HH
BC Rich nj Bich
Gibson LP Studio
Ibanez AS103
Epiphone Goth SG
PRS Torero

Thanks in advance for any help
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Sell all the shit ones.

All of them.

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Get rid of the:

Epiphone Goth SG (it is seriously outclassed)
Parker Maxx Fly (sell it to me for super cheap)

man, I don't know I can only decide on 2 and the 2nd one is more a joke. And I don't even own them and have to actually part with one of them. Good luck.
She got tired of your 28 guitars and you told her you would sell 3? Awesome.

I would honestly sell all you've pre-selected, except the telecaster, the les paul and the PRS.
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From what I am seeing, Gibson, Epiphone, Parker and PRS guitars are good candidates for selling guitars. In a nutshell, if you are unhappy with any of your guitars, sell them and buy the guitar you really want. Trust me, I sold my Ibanez to get my Fender at almost 3 quarters of the original price of what I'd pay to buy it new. For a new guitar, get yourself a top-notch Ibanez, ESP/LTD or Charvel guitar.
I didn't know your kitchen was in your basement

seriously though

which one do you not play?

Where's Waldo?

i would ditch these and keep the rest, if you sell 4 then you can sneak one you really one. it is like having an open position on the team. you can fill it in when you need.

Parker Maxx Fly
BC Rich nj Bich
Ibanez AS103
Epiphone Goth SG
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you have 28? and you play all of them on a regular basis?I would be good with 5 BIG MAX.so sell 23 you use less, and buy me a new house.
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you have 28? and you play all of them on a regular basis?I would be good with 5 BIG MAX.so sell 23 you use less, and buy me a new house.


yeah, if you can afford 28 guitars then buy a man cave

Where's Waldo?

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Sell your wife, and buy a new guitar.


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^^^^^^^^^ lol.
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what i would do is :

2 Floyd guitars (for E and Eb)
2 stop tail
mabye a vintage trem guitar in there, if not some crazy surf guitar
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wow, people saying to get rid of the parker? they probably haven't even played one, parker is amazing.

i would have to say throw the b.c. rich in the trash, as well as the goth sg. and MAYBE the lp studio.

the lp studio is pretty much the same as the epiphone standard plus tops, so..... you aren't really getting a guitar worth the money you know?

idk, it honestly depends on which ones you would hate to lose the most.