i made this mostly to test out my new UX1, i think it good quality wise (minus the backing track), i'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of the tapping part but all the tabs seem to be incorrect. also there are a few timing issues with the backing track that couldnt be fixed. what do you guys think of the sound quality and my playing? thanks all

link: http://soundcloud.com/aristillus-1/crystal-mountain-cover

and heres the backing track i used: http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/play/death/crystal_mountain.htm
I did notice some timing issues in the clean sections before I read the rest of your post. But I find them forgivable because I can barely find anything wrong with the song. Your playing is extremely tight and clean. I felt like I was listening to an instrumental of Death's. You've definitely achieved the sound.

I hope that helps! Maybe someone else can point something out.

I've covered this song on bass. No recording made, but isn't it just great to jam out on?
We're all alright!
thanks man yea i guess i should have cut up and spread out the backing track but i didnt think of it at the time, yea IMO its the most fun song to play on guitar ever!
Whew, sounds tight, dude! Very accurate playing, good job.
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