So its a piano part on a piece im working on in Finale - basically what i have is a chord where all the notes are whole notes, except one that is an eighth note repeated like a bass line... make sense?
it wont let me mix whole and eighth notes in one chord, and as you can probably tell im not all that knowledgeable on sheet music stuff, or theory, or keeping time for that matter
but i would like to make this work!

I don't use Finale, but on Sibelius you can select 4 different voices to input on the same stave.
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I think I have an idea of what you're saying. Will you have to tie all those notes, making up a whole note, together so that you can create the eighth note line?

In example, something like this? (This is TuxGuitar, hope it applies.)

The tied notes are meant to be eighth notes played over top the sixteenth notes.

EDIT: Sorry about the picture.
We're all alright!
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There is a voice option somewhere, as Griff has mentioned, that will allow you to input an independent voice on the same staff.
alright ill have a look around and see what i can find, thanks guys! and it looks like the tie would be another option. im not sure the "correct" way if i was writing it out by hand, so i wouldnt know which way is better. ill try out the voicing thing, that sounds like what i need
thanks again!