I have an awesome head here for sale. A peavey XXL 100w solid state head. It is plenty loud and comes with nine channels 3 clean 3 lead and 3 ultra. This head is in pretty much perfect condition. (One minor tolex tear)

Never has it been gigged. I had this head on hand just in case if I couldn't use my 5150.
Now I just got rid of my 5150 and trying to get rid of this only because I am switching to bass.

The price I am selling it for is 400usd shipped. I use paypal. My ebay is perfect I have 100% rating and 70+ deals.

Picture 1 (Front)
Picture 2 (Back)
I used to have one of these. Very versatile, and good tone for solid state.

If I remember correctly, I sold mine for $300 or 350 about three of four years ago. Good luck, just wanted to sound off.
Yeah so it is really a great head. and the price is very far 375usd shipped. So you are getting it about 315 not including shipping.