not sure if this fits in this forum but this cheap bass i bought has one dead fret on the G string at the 12th fret, that's all that's wrong with it and i'm not sure how to adjust it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Presume it's dead due to the string being in contact with the next fret up? If so, it's usually a truss rod adjustment or raise the action at the bridge. As it's a cheap guitar with the problem affecting just one fret on one string though, it's also worth examining the problem fret as it may not be correctly fitted.
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have you changed strings on it recently?
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Does it sound like the G string is "fretting out" on the next fret up or is it more that the note simply sounds subdued compared to the other notes?

Dead spots can be caused by all kinds of things, some of which have been mentioned already (high/low frets, old strings), others include: loose truss rod vibrating sympathetically with a particular note, poor glue joints, bad setup, etc.

Since dead spots are caused by a lot of things, you might just want to take your bass to a luthier or tech to get their opinion (and possibly a setup). You can also go over the bass yourself and look for anything that is loose: tuner screws, bridge hold-down screws, truss rod nut (assuming there is no tension on the rod), etc.

Cheap basses in particular can have dead spots, sometimes they can be worked out, other times they are there to stay (unless you want to potentially spend a lot on a cheapo bass).