Hey people, this is my solo electronic project I'm just getting going this year, I use a combination of mainly synthesizers with audio sampling. I'm not quite sure what genre it is because I am quite inexperienced with electronic music (I've been writing songs for a 5 piece rock band up until a few months back). I'd love it if you could give my music a listen and leave any positive criticism you may have! All is welcome!

AL_GORE_RHYTHM - Weight & Sea (Never Cry Sh!twolf)

Thank you all for your time, even if you hate it. haha
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Hey! Pleasantly surprised, I actually quite enjoyed that man, nice one. =) What programs do you use? I've been trying to get into this sorta thing myself and have been failing miserable.
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aww thanks man! appreciate it! I use reason 5 for the instrumentation then i rip audio in audacity, using soundflower to capture my computer's sound, then i use logic to apply the audio and add EQ/low and high pass filter automation while rewiring reason! Hah i'm not sure how much sense that made but hopefully you get my drift!