I am at the stage in my guitar playing where I NEED to know how to play the Major/Minor chord inversions over the guitar neck for each chord and how to play the major/minor/harmonic/melodic minor scales in each position over the fretboard in every key. I know it may seem like a daunting task to learn all of this as it is alot of information and i am sure alot of people on here know that this needs to be done to advance to the next level of guitar playing and the great benefits it will have if someone were to commit to learning all of this.

So my question is first, does anyone know of a website that already has all of this information already there so that I can dive in and expand my music vocabulary?

If no such website exists my second question is where can i go to start this massive quest of knowing the fretboard inside out?


On a side note, I am on my way to learning the notes of the fretboard as this is very important information to have and I seriously recommend anyone who is thinking about doing the same watch this youtube lesson on how to learn the fretboard. These are not my lessons (obviously as I am still in the learning process) but after looking at various different ways of learning the fretboard including the octave method this IS the best (unless someone points out a better method).

Here you go. This guy was asking about the same thing.


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There's a free download-able game/exercise called Fretboard Warrior. It plays a fret(sound and visual) and you have to identify it. Give it a shot if you're learning the fretboard.

Scales and chords may be played in any position anywhere on the guitar if you understand how they are constructed (what notes they are made out of) and know the notes on the fretboard.

For chords in inversion, I started on the E-string and tried to put together a reasonably playable voicing for chords in each type of inversion. I put some shapes together and then tried the same starting on the A-string. So on and so on until I had ready-to-play movable inverted chords for the E through G strings.
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All of this stuff becomes demystified once you understand how to construct major scales, I have been studying music theory on my own and find that a good book and a little self discipline (I actually find the subject very interesting and actually have to discipline myself not to pick up the book lol) will help alot.

Knowing how Major scales are constructed and how most of all (not all) scales are derived from that will help you out alot I think, after that it all kind of falls into place.
Why do you "need" to learn them?

I think what you're looking for is a page with a whole heap of patterns for you to learn. Instead just learn how to construct chords like mentioned above and you can figure them out yourself.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.