As the title says and by 'Re-designing' I mean like just putting some cool design on the body of the guitar.

So I have a Fender Starcaster, its a cheap crappy version of the strat and its no use to me so I'd thought I'd start to mod it. I am going to replace pick ups at a later stage but all i want to do is put a design onto either the pickguard or the bottom of the guitar.

Should I sand it down if on the body and then paint it, or could I like draw it one with permanent marker pens??
what design did u have in mind?
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the only way to do that and have it last is an airbrush and then clear coat it.
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i'm assuming your guitar is a light colour if you are wanting to draw a design in marker on it??

here's your cheapest/easiest option

sanding the clear off a cheap guitar is a b*tch so instead lightly rough up the old finish using something like 120grit sand paper then 200grit, just to take the shine off really, then draw your design with the marker and hit it with clearcoat....you will need to be careful not to put to much clear on for the first 4/5 coats other wise the marker will run. The first couple of coats should be done from a pretty big distance away from the guitar so it just "dusts" a coat on. Then work your way closer.
there is a chance the clear will react with the old one, if that happens then you'll have to take the old finish right off