Anyone know of a local store that would for sure carry a Guitar interface usb? Looking for one to scew around with free Vst Software
well the only music store within a 20 minute drive is American guitars and it only sells peavey vypyrs and bandits, Peavey guitars and random no name brand accoustics. Pretty awful selection. They do not carry usb interfaces. I was wondering if places like bestbuy or radioshack would carry it or some other store. I live about 1 hour from seattle so if I have to ill make the trip but where I live we have pretty much every store you can think of but music stores I guess I could check pawn shops but id much rather buy new
Oh we have a te brown but that place is so overpriced its ridicuous a new Peice of crap Bc. Rich warlock is 350$ in store. Its 150$ less if I travel a hour or so away