Hey UG community, I just did a really quick recording of a song I wrote a couple days ago so I could get all of your opinions on it. And yes I am aware it is pitchy in some parts and the guitar messes up a couple times, but it was late and if I did another take it wouldn't be as fresh, so any comments on structure, lyrics, chords, etc. are all appreciated and I will totally critique your stuff if you would like. and if you hate it let me know haha.... If you feel the need I have another song on there so crit that too if you have the time All feedback is good feedback
Im really liking it, I like the tempo change/bridge especially, The words resonate with me, simplistic but relatable. I really like your vocals, their straightforward but they cut through really well through the acoustic, Gives me an early alkaline trio vibe, fast tempo but not so fast that you don;t get the message, and obviously the lyrical content...... check out one of the songs if you wanna c4C
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Very....Blink 182-ish. Cliche chord choices and progression. This could have potential, but you'd need a ton of work done. You've got a good voice, but can still improve. Lyrics are cliche too. Not really that into it. It needs more...instruments? It's okay as is, but i'd very much like to hear a more full recording.

Not a huge fan of this kind of music but you are doing it very well. I like the vocal melody in the verses and you definitely have really great tone to your voice. I didn't really like the parts where you hold a chord out and say 'now' but that's just being nitpicky and it's your song hah.

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The songs not bad, but pretty straight-forward which is fine.
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