Hey everyone!

I'm buying a new guitar and I can't really decide what to get.. I went to a nearby music store and tried out the Ibanez S570, RG350, and RGA42. (To be clear I'm interested in Ibanez)
I excluded the RGA42 because the active pick-ups sound too heavy.
And I don't know if it's just me but I think the S570 sounds worse than the GRG250DX..

Can anyone help me find a good guitar in the $600 range? Preferably Ibanez and H-S-H config. (Other suggestions are appreciated too!)

I just got a Schecter C-1 Classic for about 575$ with a hardcase.

It's a H-H config, but they're legit Seymour Duncans, JB/Jazz. A vine of life inlay with Quilted Maple. Tune-o-matic bridge, neck through, string through. Sustain is amazing! The neck is more round than a Wizard neck.

Honestly, those are the guitars that I would suggest to someone if they were looking for an Ibanez in your price range. Check Craigslist for stuff. It's not rare that I see Prestiges going for 600-800 on it. Also, look for deals on other (more expensive models included) brands.

EDIT: Also check up on Rondomusic.com. Sometimes they have some Agile Interceptor 6 strings for 600-700. But, they have EMGs. You could pull them out and sell them for a good 100-150$ and buy some DiMarzios.
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Thanks Cannibal Koala!

The Schecter C-1 Classic does look great and the Seymour Duncans sound incredible!

I'll check Craigslist and Rondomusic and get back to you.

Thanks again!!