This here is obscure as fuck Heavy Metal at its finest. I bet none of you guys have heard any of these tracks save maybe one.

September 9 - severed-metal
September 23 - rg_metal
September 30 - Lappo
October 7 - Cianyx
October 14 - The Wildchild
October 21 - AnnihiSlateR
October 28 - \Powerslave/
November 4 - Butt Rayge
November 11 - Kepulix
November 18 - Cambyses
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I bet none of you guys have heard any of these tracks save maybe one.

Except those who know their heavy metal

Not familiar with Zion or Black Riders. They were decent, but can't say I was too big on them. The latter had some cool leads, however. Full Moon is a band I was aware of but never gave 'em a listen. That Highlander track was magnificent though!

As for the ones I knew: that Virtue track has been one of my favourite NWOBHM tunes for a long time. Elixir and Street Child are classic. Special mention for including Breaker and Vicious Rumors, awesome stuff.

People here should give this a listen and learn something about good ol' heavy metal.
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