ok i got a les paul supreme as a gift. its had a few repairs such as a snapped neck a little under the nut. it has had new pickups put in (seymour duncan jb) also the tone/volume knobs have also been replaced with newer ones. the wiring has also been replaced. and i know this is true cause who i got it from had all this done himself. everything i have checked on it seems legit but the truss rod is like gone.

i am just curious if its real or a fake. not a huge loss if it is fake as i got it for free. but is it possible that when it snapped at the neck, the truss rod was also damaged and removed? it sounds pretty good and plays really smooth. but i never really played one before this. so i am not familiar with the les paul feel.

thanks for any advice. if needed i might be able to hunt down a good camera and snap some pics.
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Pictures are a must. A neck repair can definitely inhibit access to the truss rod, though it shouldn't be gone entirely. You say "snapped at the neck under the neck" which doesn't make any sense to me, but there are certain spots where a break could happen where a cheap repair would include removing the truss rod.
A legitimate luthier/guitar repair shop would NEVER just remove a guitar's truss rod completely and call it fixed. Without a truss rod the neck would bow too much to play at all, let alone comfortably. What do you mean when you say the truss rod is "like gone"? Does the truss rod nut turn without any resistance? Or is there no nut to adjust at all?
the person i got it from usually does his own repairs to save money. he did a nice job on fixing it. but he took it in to have the rest done at a shop. even have the receipts to.

i stuck an allen wrench in the hole where the truss rod should be and it didn't catch onto anything.

Well, the truss rod's definitely gone. On top of that, it looks like a fake. The binding is cream instead of white (unless the camera's messing with it) and the nut is wrong, unless it's been replaced. More pictures with wider angles will help, I still can't tell where that break is.
i am slightly color blind so i wouldn't know if its cream or white. is there any other way to tell if its fake? i have searched before and checked it all except under the pickups which if its fake it should always be black inside...if its true i will take it out and check but not really in the mood for doing that atm.

i can't take any more pictures atm cause the guitar is in the band room and its late. band room is not connected to the house.

also the cable output has a square plastic holding the output in which in other pictures its more of a rectangel and also its gold.
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The Supreme has a few things that make it tough to fake. Is there a panel on the back? A real supreme won't have one, the electronics slide in through that golden panel you noticed on pictures, which is why it's oversized on a real Supreme. The frets should also be golden, not silver.
no panel on back. and what else makes it seem fake is that on the globe where it says supreme..the E after the R does not match the one on the gibson website. and the plate on the bottom for the cable is also not gold and is square with plastic. i will upload pictures tomorrow of all that is concerning

found this pic on here if that helps.