Has anyone heard of or have any info on these amps? There is a Kustom KPB200 bass head I am looking at but I can't find ANYTHING on it. Ive searched talkbass and UG and google and bing.

Kustom KPB200
Its a 200 watt Kustom bass head for 80 bucks. You really cant go wrong. Dont like the tone? Buy a sansamp.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
I will probably end up going with this if still available in a couple of weeks but Im baffled by the lack of info on the interweb! I mean...theres gotta be something out there. Oh well. Do you think its 200w @ 4ohm and if so, maybe 125 or 150 @ 8? This is based on other similar rated amps but as you said its 200w for 80 bucks so ill probably just get it.
Yea, most likely at 4. I wouldnt be so sure, but its worth taking a look at either way. Kustom's watts are super loud.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Hey there.

I love Kustom stuff, and my main amp for YEARS was a Kustom200 from 1967. I guess it's like the grandfather, of sorts, to the one you're looking at.

Kustom stuff is great and crimminally underrated compaired to the equivalent Sunn, Acoustic, and Peavey amps that were being made at the same-ish time.

You can not go wrong for $80!
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