So I really like the sound of the Fender Twin Reverb, but I can't find them for any cheaper than about $1400. Unfortunately my budget is only around $500-$750 dollars. I'll only be using it for practicing at home and some small gigs, so it'd be good to have something with less watts.

I mostly play Indie rock, and some classic rock. Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin. I'd be okay with buying stuff used, but I'd prefer it used. I live in Vancouver, B.C.

Also, I play through a Led Paul Studio.

I'm surprised you can't find one of the 70s silverface twins for around that price range. Take a look at Traynor amps, they have some that are pretty fender-ish and they seem to be gaining popularity with the Indie rock crowd.

Of course, Radiohead uses Vox and Zep used Marshall, so maybe a british voiced amp would be better for you. Maybe a Vox AC15 or 30? Give them a shot and see what sounds good to you.
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