Lately, I've been kind of stuck with playing, so I've been trying to switch up my playing. For example I've been playing mostly humbuckers with distortion, so for the past week I started focusing on playing my strat through a clean setting. This has revealed how much I enjoy that type of tone (clean with a small amount of drive), and since I'll be looking for a new guitar here soon I'd like to get something that works well for that.

However, I'd also like it to be fairly versatile, as it will (likely) be the first guitar I spend $1000+ on, and having a one trick pony in that category would feel a bit restricting to me. So I don't need it to be able to do insanely distorted metal stuff, but some hard rock would be nice (think in the vein of Thin Lizzy, The Black Crowes' "rockier" stuff, Guns N' Roses, etc). Though if it can handle even heavier stuff, that's good as well. The main genres will be blues and blues rock.

I've been looking at some less orthodox guitar brands/styles as well, as I already have an LP copy, a Strat, an Epi Sheraton II, and a Tele, so I think I've got the basic sounds/looks covered fairly well. The main ones thise, but I'm really open to whatever sounds like it would fit the bill:

Hallmark Guitars Custom 60 ($999)
Hallmark Guitars Gospel ($1200)
PRS Mira ($1560)
Eastwood Wandre ($799)
Dillion DFB-603 RX ($799)

At the moment, I have $600, but I'll be saving up for a few more months and will have enough for any of these by the time that I make the purchase, so my budget will be around $1600-1700. At the moment I'd love to get one of the Hallmarks based on the looks, but my concern is that since they aren't a common brand, I won't get a chance to see how the feel/sound, which will probably also be an issue with the Eastwood and Dillion. I'm also curious as to whether or not the PRS is truly worth the extra money, or if it's possible to get similar quality from the lower-priced models. I also know that the coil splitting will give the Mira more versatility, so that's a plus for it there.

I'm not looking for a bunch of nitpicked specs, basically I want something that sounds great clean, but also distorts to some degree well, and would prefer to not have a common body shape. Double cutaways/good upper fret access would also rather important.
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Out of your options I would choose the Mira. Throw the Dillion out of the equation. I've played quite a few of them, awful instruments.