My dad has a '69 Les Paul Gold Top with the original pickups, although they have been replaced. (Still have them though.) The "gold top" was stripped off of it by the original owner and is instead a natural finish and has a maple top now. The guitar is pretty much immaculate besides these things. But anyway, considering the condition what do you think this guitar would be worth?
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Not having the original finish kills the value of vintage guitars.
You might get a few grand for it($2000-$3000, but no it will not be worth $10,000+
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50% value lost due to stripped finish.
20% more due to non original electronics.

that said, the actual value will vary by economic market conditions and perceived value of the buyers.

You're best off asking a proper dealer of classic guitars. Something like that is incredibly hard to value online. Rough estimate though, I've seen some late 60s and early 70s Fenders that have been stripped of their finishes and had some parts replaced and they sell for about half of what an all-original version of the same guitar does. So this Les Paul will not be worth a fortune. You'll definitely need to put the original pickups back in in order to get any real value out of it. Even then that's what's called a player's piece, it'll be sold based on condition of the neck and frets and other electronics. No collector would touch it and that's where the real money is.
i've seen nicely aged gold tops from '68 '69 and i believe '71 or '72 in a shop near me and they went for around 8000 euros. i reckon without the finish it will certainly do as much as 5000. that is if it is a legit '69 gibson.