During a trip to a music store, I came across two used Vox Sovereign head&cab stacks. One is from 1969, the other from 1970. They are $875 Canadian each.

Info I found on them: They are solid state bass amps with the same circuitry (except for trem and reverb) as the Vox Super Beatle. They are 60 watts. Cab: Four 12" Vox Gold Bulldog speakers. It has 2 channels: 1 for Mic/Guitar, and 1 for Bass.

I'm terribly interested in these, and would love it if somebody could give me some more info on them.

Led Zeppelin is a huge influence on me....their early (1968-1970) work in particular. Page stated he used a Vox Super Beatle solid state in the early days to tour, which initially started my interest in the Sovereign. I have a 2 knob MJM Brit Bender (MK2 tonebender) which i think could yield some great results with this amp.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated! The next time I visit the store I'll try them out to their full potential.


So I tried out the 1969 Sovereign (obnoxiously loudly in the store) and.......

It was the greatest amp I ever heard. Seriously. I compared it side by side with the '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb, and it obliterated it. I couldn't believe that a solid state could sound that incredible. Any other amp just paled in comparison to it.

The only problem is: The cab is MASSIVE. The whole stack was quite a bit bigger than any of the other halfstacks in the store. IT'S REALLY HEAVY.

If I was going to go to a gig, I could hardly imagine lugging that amp around (even with the help of other people).

It's extremely loud, though. I had it at 2 and it was shaking the walls and amps in the room I was playing in.

Guitars I used to test the amp: Gibson ES-335, American Strat, American Tele, Epiphone Les Paul.

So I tried the amp out again with my fuzz this time, and, well, it didn't go so well.

With the fuzz maxed out, the amp sounded GREAT (very grainy, bombastic, and touch sensitive).

Problem: When I used small amounts of fuzz, or just rolled back the volume on the guitar (my fuzz cleans up extremely well in everything), the sound really stunk. It was unpredictable, toneless, and lame. No highs at all.

Result: GREAT cleans, GREAT with a lot of fuzz (almost sounds like a half fuzz/half overdrive), but stinks for the in between. I've decided to not go for it even though I managed to talk the store down to $650 with tax.

I guess these old solid state amps just can't handle pedals and wide gain range.

(Also: I hate posting three times in a row, but I figured some people might be interested in this and might need to hear an opinion on these late 60's Vox Solid States)
I found a Sovereign cab by itself, so I bought it and currently using it with a Vox Buckingham Head. GREAAAT Combination.. Love it.. Takes pedals well, can use it for guitar and bass.

That's one of the much maligned solid state Thomas Organ amps isn't it? They almost single handedly sunk Vox as a company.
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