How do you like to carry your keys around? I only have a house key and a car key so I keep them in my wallet, but if you had a key chain or multiple keys (work, house, prison, thievery, etc) would you do it? Stuffing a bunch of them in a pocket sounds kind of uncomfortable and you likely wouldn't always have a backpack or something to put them in.

wat do?
Car keys+key rings go in my pocket, door key+keyring goes in my bag to uni.
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I have about 10 keys on ring attached to a lanyard, pretty much never leaves my pockets. Don't bother me much, plus it can be used to **** someone up in the off chance I run into those trouble making kids from that Jets gang again.
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But they don't all fit in my pockets.
1 for my car.
3 for my house.
2 for my girlfriend's house.
1 for where I rehearse.

I don't have any problem just putting them in my pocket.




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Learn the scales in every key, man.
Only then will you be a shred lord.

I just shove them all in my pocket (not the same pocket as my phone, oh did I learn that the hard way) but I keep my car keys and house keys separate so if I'm not driving my pockets are a bit lighter anyway.
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Key ring.

This, I hang my keys on a nail when I'm home, and put them in the inner pocket of my jacket when I'm out.
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I only keep my car and one house key on me at all times.

My work keys stay in my car and I only take them out when I go into work.

The key for my parents place and other family members places are in a cabinet at home.

Why carry a fat wad of keys around it's uncomfortable.
Get a lanyard, wear them around your neck, look super cool.
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Lock, guitar case, car, home, storage in hallway, storage in living room balcony, lock, high school keychain, f-16 jet, and "remove before flight" streamer.

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I have a skeleton key and it works for everything.
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car key/remote thing, 2 house, 2 practice warehouse, 2 work keys, mini maglite
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