hello UG, again....

it's like a plague my gear is full of flaws and problems! yesterday i was recording songs with the band and while playing the volume went lower and lower till my amp was really silent. even if i turn the volume on maximum the amp is very quiet. this problem only occurs on the lead channel and not on the clean channel. at first i thought that it might be the tubes becoming too hot because i closed the amp (even if that was unlikely casue i left anough space for the tubes i think...) my amp is a peavey valveking 212 combo.

now if i turn on th eamp the lead channel is quiet, when i turn on the clean channel it's loud as normal but then fades back out. and each time i switch to gain and then to clean again the clean is loud and then fades back to quiet...
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i just replaced the power amp tubes some weeks ago i had somewhat the same problem but worse. but the power tubes seem to be OK.

the last time my amp did this there was a bad connection and 4 power tubes that had to be replaced. the pre amp tubes were ok
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yeah i'd like to sell mine but i don't think that a valveking is worth that much secondhand and i want to buy an eleven rack but i'll need a power amp then
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